Strauss / Waltzes / Reiner


Harry Pearson put this record on his TAS List of Super Disc LPs, but it’s the rare copy that deserves such an exclusive ranking. This copy delivers the sonic goods on side one with Super Hot Stamper sound.

Side two is not quite up to the standards set by side one. It’s darker, not as open and lacks some of the richness of the first side. That said, it’s still better than the average copy we’ve played and worlds better than any reissue.

Both sides have some deep powerful bass and are fairly dynamic.

Classic Heavy Vinyl

The Classic Records reissue on heavy vinyl (180 and 200) is an absolute piece of garbage as you probably know. Edgy, shrill strings which are at the same time smeary should not be anyone’s idea of good sound.

Classic appears to have boosted the upper midrange when mastering the record, and that, coupled with their transistory mastering equipment, makes the strings brighter, grainier and yet somehow lacking in texture and sheen compared to the originals.

Once you recognize those qualities in the sound of a record they are hard to ignore, and I hear them on practically every Classic Record I have the misfortune to play.


Side One

Vienna Blood
Artists’ Life
My Life is Love and Laughter

Side Two

Roses From the South
Treasure Waltz
Thunder and Lightning Polka

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