Zoot Sims – Zoot Sims Plays Johnny Mandel: Quietly There – Reviewed in 2010


This Minty looking Pablo LP, engineered by the brilliant Allen Sides, has very good sound. Which is to be expected from this amazing engineer, responsible for recordings like 88 Basie Street and Kenny Burrell’s Heritage album. 

This is one of the best Zoot Sims records as well. He plays beautifully. This melodic, smooth material is what he excels at. His breathy saxophone style will remind you of Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster. This recording captures that sound perfectly.

It also gets the sound of his reed. The recording is so transparent you can clearly hear the contribution his reed makes to his sound.

The overall impression one gets of this recording is BIG. Big stage and full size instruments — this is Cinerama sound, wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

The other Must-Own Zoot Sims record is Passion Flower, also on Pablo. If you see one, grab it. Amazing audiophile quality sound.

Note the length of the tunes on this album. The first side has two 7+ minute long explorations and on side two 2 songs clock in at 6 minutes and the ballad Emily at more than 9 minutes. Cinnamon & Cloves is probably my favorite track on the album. Zoot plays samba as well as Stan Getz — he’s just not as famous for it.

The cover (with its original shrink and a cut corner) is in BEAUTIFUL condition and rates 8+ out of 10.


Cinnamon and Cloves
A Time for Love
Quietly There
Low Life