Letter of the Week – “While the loud parts rock in an unbelievable way the quiet bits reveal the magic…”

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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom,   

Wanted to say thanks for the Led Zep III, fantastic and beyond expectation. While the loud parts rock in an unbelievable way the quiet bits reveal the magic, the surreal presence, space and uncanny realism. Brilliant! I have an OK copy of Led Zep IV and the first section of Stairway to Heaven is similar in that I love hearing the acoustic guitar and then the breathy recorders (oh those recorders) and then Plant’s voice seems to appear from nowhere right before your ears. I am so lucky to have the Zep III so thanks again.

On another note I recently picked up a copy of Hotter Than July that is outstanding. I usually don’t bother as they’re always crap but this one had “S. Wonder” scratched into the lost wax and opposite “Premium Lacquer”. Ignoring the lacquer bit (when it says it’s special that’s usually a red flag) I was intrigued by seeing Mr Wonder’s name presented in that way. In any event the record is brilliant and the timbale rim shots on the title track just about take your head off.

Cheers, Peter


Thanks for the tip on the Stevie Album. I think premium lacquer is just a company name. Everybody wants the best lacquers because when they are defective the album has to be recut, a major pain.
Best, TP