Boz Scaggs and His Background Singers – How Well Can You “See” Them?

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What to Listen For – Transparency Vs Opacity

This original (SD-8239) pressing has two excellent sides, which is two more than the typical cardboardy, flat, thin, lifeless copy has. If you like your music dry and clean, try the remixed version (SD-19166), the CD, or perhaps there is a heavy vinyl version out there (at one tenth the price). That’s not our sound here at Better Records.

The best recordings from the era do not have that sound, so when we find that kind of analog richness, sweetness and naturalness on a pressing such as this, we know the record is RIGHT.

What to Listen For — Background Singers You Can “See”

If you have multiple copies of the album and want to shoot them out, here’s an easy test. Listen for how clear and correct the female background singers sound. This is an excellent test because it will hold true for both sides on the album.

On opaque copies they are hard to “see”; on transparent copies they are easy to “see.” On tonally thin copies they will sound edgier and harder than they should. And on Tubey Magical copies they will sound full-bodied, solid and real.


Ambience, Size and Space

Bass and Whomp

Choruses that Are Big, Clear and Lively



Grit and Grain

Midrange (Lower) – Mid-Bass

Midrange (Upper) – Shrillness

Midrange Congestion

Midrange Presence

Richness and Smoothness

Sibilance (It’s a Bitch)

Side to Side Differences



String Tone and Texture

Track by Track

Transparency Vs Opacity


Tubes Vs. Transistors

Tubey Magic

Tubey Magical Acoustic Guitars

What to Listen For in General

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