Letter of the Week – “…modern records are “recessed” and “veiled” and “murky,” and the records you sell are “present” and “transparent” and “lively.”

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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom, 

I’m always eager to learn from you guys (i.e., The Masters!) on how to improve sound reproduction when listening to records at home. Can you refer me to additional resources on 1) room treatments and 2) having good electricity?

Any assistance you could provide on these subjects would be greatly appreciated!

Jonathan R


Happy to give you some pointers:

Here is a bit of help from the blog:

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Records – A Step By Step Guide

More of the same:

The Brahms Violin Concerto – Unplug or Suffer the Consequences!

The only room treatments we recommend you buy are these:


We know a lot about room treatments but sharing that knowledge is difficult, it’s too “case by case” to generalize.

Hope this helps.



I really can’t adequately describe how much more pleasurable the experience of listening to records has been since Hot Stampers came into my life. The work that you and your team do in tracking down records, cleaning them thoroughly (so crucial!), comparing them with one another in shootouts, and making them available for the rest of us to enjoy is something along the lines of a sacred mission.

You’ve truly hit the nail on the head in describing modern/current records as “recessed” and “veiled” and “murky,” and the records you sell as “present” and “transparent” and “lively.” My stereo equipment is pretty rudimentary when you get right down to it (although I have made some upgrades recently), but I can still hear—and feel!—an enormous difference between Hot Stampers and what currently masquerades in the marketplace as “audiophile” LPs.

Thanks to you and your entire team for doing what you do! You are the saints of sound, the angels of analog!

Jonathan R.

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