Vivaldi / The Four Seasons / Societa Corelli – Reviewed in 2009


This AMAZINGLY QUIET RCA Shaded Dog has SUPERB SOUND. It’s also without a doubt one of the finest small string ensemble recordings on this site. Which is only fitting for the most famous string music ever recorded.

For those with better tube gear, the string tone on this record is sublime, with that rosin-on-the-bow quality that tubes seem to bring out in a way virtually nothing else can, at least in my experience.

The spaciousness and three-dimensionality of the recording here is also exceptional. Through the efforts and skill of the RCA engineers, that striking openness in the recording is somehow combined with an immediacy in the sound of the lead string players, no mean feat. One rarely hears both, except of course in live performance.

There may be other performances of merit, but I know of no recording of this music with better sound. Truly a DEMO DISC.

And this LP has to be THE QUIETEST COPY I HAVE EVER PLAYED in my life. Most of the time it’s as quiet as a CD. This is quiet music; there’s often not much going on to obscure the vinyl noise, so the vinyl used to press this LP was very special indeed.

A very special copy and one that will reward years of play.