Earl Fatha Hines / Fatha – Our Shootout Winner from 2012

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This M&K Direct to Disc SMOKED the copy we played it against — the difference was NIGHT and DAY! The sound is smoother, sweeter, and richer than we are used to hearing for this album. There’s lots of space around the drums, and the tuba sounds tonally Right On The Money.

You aren’t going to believe how DYNAMIC this copy is — when Fatha’s really pounding on the keys, you’re gonna jump out of your chair! The overall sound is clean, clear, lively, and super transparent. The edgy, hard piano sound that plagued our lesser copy is nowhere to be found.

One of the BEST Direct to Discs on M&K! This is especially good jazz piano music; Earl Hines plays up a storm on this album. The opening track, Birdland, with just a high hat, a tuba and Fatha on piano is worth the price of the disc alone.


Side One

Blue Monk
Squeeze Me
Ain’t Misbehavin’

Side Two

Sophisticated Lady
Old Fashioned Love
The Preacher

AMG  Review

Once called ‘the first modern jazz pianist,’ earl hines differed from the stride pianists of the 1920s by breaking up the stride rhythms with unusual accents from his left hand. While his right hand often played octaves so as to ring clearly over ensembles, hines had the trickiest left hand in the business, often suspending time recklessly but without ever losing the beat. One of the all-time great pianists, hines was a major influence on teddy wilson, jess stacy, joe sullivan, nat king cole, and even to an extent on art tatum.

M&k Realtime Commentary

Realtime brings you great music with unrivaled realism. The secret is our exclusive realtime recording process. Conceived and carried out by our own perfectionist audiophile/engineers, it keeps us working at the leading edge of recording technology. Every link in the chain—from microphones through recorders and/or disc-cutting lathe to custom-plating and pressing—is continuously monitored and upgraded to significantly exceed even the highest previous standards.

Our akg microphones are first fitted with akg’s latest capsules, in austria, then further modified by realtime engineers. Microphone output feeds realtime’s own unique, passive mixer. No limiters, compressors, pan pots or other signal-degrading devices are used and the entire length of our signal path is 100% free of transformers. Even our neumann dc-coupled sal/sx-74 600 watt/channel disc-cutting lathe is highly modified. And it is driven by a newly-developed technics direct-drive cutting lathe motor. Disc masters are immediately flown overseas for custom-plating and careful pressing on the finest virgin vinyl available.

Realtime records: the sound of unrivaled realism—so closely mirroring the original performance that any difference is virtually impossible to distinguish. Sample the sound of unrivaled realism on realtime records.


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