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MASTER TAPE SOUND on BOTH sides of this White Hot Stamper copy! Folks, it just does not get any better than this. It’s been more than two years (08/08) since last we embarked on a Hot Stamper shootout for this great album. I always knew it could sound good, but I sure never heard it sound like this! (I said that last time around too you may recall. Two years is a long time in audio. If your stereo and room are undergoing regular improvements, as they can and should be, the sound will be noticeably better every year, dramatically better after two.)

Both sides rated A+++, our highest grade! It doesn’t happen very often but it happened here. Both sides were tonally correct, big and bold, with the kind of rich, full-bodied sound that is the hallmark of rock recordings in the early to mid- ’70s.

Both sides really rocked, with tons of bass and low end energy, not to mention huge wall to wall soundstaging. Side two was one of the few copies with an extended top end, which is where many copies fell short.

No matter how many times you play the album you will hear (and hopefully appreciate) something new in the mix. I’ve been playing ASIT for thirty years and I heard lots of things this time around I never knew were there. This is why we keep improving our systems, right? There is never going to be a time when these nearly forty year old recordings have nothing new to offer.

Surfaces Were An Issue

We hardly ever see this album in the bins, and when we do they’re often trashed. It really does take us two years to find enough copies to shootout.

But things are different now in at least one respect. We used to complain that “even themMintiest copies are usually pretty noisy — thanks again, ’70s Columbia vinyl.” but that was not our experience this time around.

Of course, this time around we have the Walker Active Enzyme Cleaning System at our disposal, and it, coupled with a few other tricks we’ve developed over the years, has managed to get A Space in Time to play a lot quieter than it used to.


Side One

One Of These Days
Here They Come
I’d Love to Change The World
Over the Hill
Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘N’ Roll You

Side Two

Once There Was A Time
Let The Sky Fall
Hard Monkeys
I’ve Been There Too
Uncle Jam

AMG  Review

A Space in Time was Ten Years After’s best-selling album. This was due primarily to the strength of “I’d Love to Change the World,” the band’s only hit single, and one of the most ubiquitous AM and FM radio cuts of the summer of 1971… A Space in Time has more of a pop-oriented feel than any of their previous releases had. The individual cuts are shorter, and Alvin Lee displays a broader instrumental palette than before. In fact, six of the disc’s ten songs are built around acoustic guitar riffs. However, there are still a couple of barn-burning jams.

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