Letter of the Week – Ambrosia “Why can’t all records sound this good and why can’t all recording engineers be as great as Alan Parsons?”

One of our good customers wrote to tell me about a Hot Stamper pressing he purchased recently:

  Hey Tom,   

Question: Does Tom Port have any clue as to what the hell he’s doing or selling to the public? That is my question.

Hello Tom, I’m the idiot who spent $399 on your White Hot Stamper of Ambrosia’s first album a few weeks ago. I did an A/B listening test with an A++/A++ copy I bought from you a few years ago. Your website waxes lyrical about the exceptional qualities of this recording; I always thought it was very, very good but not quite the recording you make it out to be!

To perform my listing test, I listened to my A++/A++ side one first. Then listened to the newly purchased A+++/A+++ next. The results? I almost had to call 911 because my jaw hit the floor! THIS was the recording you had written about in the records descriptive comments. This pressing is so holographic I swear I could have stepped into the recording.

Dare I say this is a better recording than Dark Side of the Moon; and yes, I can make such a claim, I purchased an A++/A+++ – A++/A+++ copy from you guys a few years ago. This is what I refer to as Master Tape sound quality. A Holy Grail for audiophiles.

It’s pressings like this that pose the questions: Why can’t all records sound this good and why can’t all recording engineers be as great as Alan Parsons?

So, back to my original question. Does Tom Port know what the hell he is doing or selling to the public?

Yes Tom, I’d say absolutely, 100% you know what you are doing and I’m the happiest idiot on this Earth. Keep up the great work, Tom, and thank you and your staff for the incredible service you provide.

Todd N.

Dear Todd,

Thanks for your letter. I’m positively blushing!

Seriously, the right vintage pressing, on the right stereo, can take the enjoyment of music to a level far beyond that of anything experienced by the audiophile of today stuck in the rut of the Heavy Vinyl Reissue.

Sometimes the difference between or Super Hot (A++) pressings and our Triple Plus (A+++) Shootout Winners does indeed feel like the night and day difference you heard. When everything is better, in every way, that’s the copy that will win our shootout and earn our top grade. You heard it for yourself.

On some records it’s not as dramatic. On this one it apparently was that dramatic, and your jaw hitting the floor is the way I’ve felt for twenty years after hearing a record sound so much better than I ever thought possible.

Perhaps we should have given it Four Pluses. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Click here to read more about Ambrosia’s phenomenally good sounding debut album (assuming you have the right pressing of course. That’s where we come in).

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