Letter of the Week – “Your pressings are WORTH EVERY DOLLAR AND MORE!”

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom, 

Many many thanks! Like others before me I have spent a LOT of time and A LOT of money researching best pressings and buying from Discogs and other sources, with varying degrees of success. More often than not the record is not a good pressing or is lacking something (many reasons as listed in your blogs) regardless of my efforts to pick best matrixes etc..

Your shootout winning pressings (I now have a handful) are always the best and almost always BY FAR better than my former reference copy – EVERY time. EVERY F*CKING TIME! This is not hyperbole, I have a great ear, a world class resolving system, a world class ultrasonic RCM and 50 yrs of focused music listening under my belt. Your pressings are WORTH EVERY DOLLAR AND MORE!

There will be skeptics and trolls as per usual out there trashing your site, me and others for buying from you, I read it all, and that is why it took me years to take the leap of faith and buy my first record from you – and SO glad I did. The know-it-alls and trolls can officially f*ck off, they JUST… DON’T… KNOW.

They cost me a few years of being able to listen to the best. Cheers to your continued success!


Thanks, Mike,

You are so right about the skeptics and trolls, they are doing a great disservice to the audiophile community.



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