Frank Sinatra – All The Way


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This vintage ’60s Capitol pressing was our clear winner, with Triple Plus sound on both sides. It has the all the Tubey Magic one could ask for, allowing Sinatra’s rich baritone to work its magic on every phrase. As you can well imagine, finding clean, scratch-free ’60s Sinatra records like this one, in stereo no less, is no walk in the park.

This group of singles and B-sides was recorded from 1957 to 1960 – it contain some of Sinatra’s better known songs arranged by Nelson Riddle.

Copies with rich lower mids and nice extension up top (to keep the strings from becoming shrill) did the best in our shootout, assuming they weren’t veiled or smeary of course. So many things can go wrong on a record! We know, we heard them all.

We’re glad to report this copy was doing more of what we wanted it to do than any other we have ever played.

And we know a fair bit about the man’s recordings at this point. As of today we’ve done commentaries for more than 21 different Sinatra shootouts, and that’s not counting at least another ten titles that either bombed or were sold off years ago.

We’ve searched high and low for his records and played them by the score over the years. Yet, somehow, there is no other Sinatra record on the site as I type this. Which simply means that these records are hard to come by and don’t stay available for long.


Side One

All The Way
High Hopes
Talk To Me
French Foreign Legion
To Love And Be Loved
River, Stay ‘Way From My Door

Side Two

It’s Over, It’s Over, It’s Over
Ol’ Mac Donald
This Was My Love
All My Tomorrows
Sleep Warm

AMG  Review

This high-charting collection of singles and B-sides comes from the end of Frank Sinatra’s tenure at Capitol Records… it does feature the great title song, the wondrous “Witchcraft,” and “Ol’ MacDonald,” a jokey jazz take on the barnyard favorite that quickly morphs into a “farmer’s daughter” joke.