Talking Heads – Little Creatures – Our Shootout Winner from 2009

This Original Sire LP rocks with the best of them. We’re huge fans of this album, and when you hear a copy like this one you’ll know exactly why. Not many records from this era sound as amazingly rich as this one, that’s for sure! This copy boasts the kind of tight, punchy, surprisingly deep note-like bass that absolutely makes or breaks this album. Without the proper bass foundation, this funky beat-crazy Talking Heads album can’t BEGIN to do what it’s trying to do: get your feet tappin’ and your body rockin’ to the music.

Side two of this copy is STUNNING — amazingly dynamic, super silky up top, meaty and punchy down low. The drums sound superb — you can really hear the room around that big kit! David Byrne’s vocals sound just right, with all the presence and texture you could hope for. The bass is PERFECTION — deep, rich and note-like. The overall sound is open, spacious, and sweet — very analog, with tons of ambience. Drop the needle on Road To Nowhere and prepare yourself to be blown away! A+++ for side one all the way.

Side one is close behind, rating A++. It’s punchy down low, sweet up top, and free from edge and honk in the mids. The vocals are wonderful, with texture, breath, and body that you don’t get on the typical copy. Give Me Back My Name KILLS on this copy, turn it up good and loud and check out that awesome bass sound.

Hit and Miss Mass-Produced Vinyl

The recording itself is outstanding: punchy, smooth & so analog, with an especially beefy bottom end, the kind a good rock record needs. But you would never know it by playing the average pressing you might pick up for five bucks at your local used record store. The typical copy of this record is pretty average sounding. Let’s face it: Every mastering mistake that CAN be made WILL be made sooner or later with mass-produced domestic vinyl like this.

Simply Vinyl

We used to sell the Simply Vinyl version of this album, which is now out of print. It was quite good, we liked it, but it would never hold a candle to a copy like this. No way no how.

The Last Great Talking Heads Album

This is the Last Great Talking Heads album. The first four and this one gives you all the Talking Heads music you’ll ever need. Each of them is brilliant in its own way. One of the ways this one is brilliant is that it’s THE BEST SOUNDING TALKING HEADS RECORD EVER MADE.

Limited Options

You can find Talking Heads albums in the bins of every used record store out there, but most of them just don’t sound any good at all. If they did, you’d see more of them hitting the site, that’s for sure.


Side One

Give Me Back My Name
Creatures of Love
The Lady Don’t Mind
Perfect World

Side Two

Stay up Late
Walk It Down
Television Man
Road to Nowhere

AMG 4 1/2 Star Rave Review

Talking Heads’ most immediately accessible album, Little Creatures eschewed the pattern of recent Heads albums, in which instrumental tracks had been worked up from riffs and grooves, after which David Byrne improvised melodies and lyrics. The songs on Little Creatures, most of which were credited to Byrne alone (with the band credited only with arrangements) sounded like they’d been written as songs. Perhaps as one result, the band had been streamlined, with extra musicians used only for specific effects rather than playing along as an ensemble.

Byrne, who was singing in his natural range for once, frequently was augmented with backup singers. The overall result: ear candy. Little Creatures was a pop album, and an accomplished one, by a band that knew what it was doing.