Frank Sinatra – The Voice – Our Shootout Winner from 2007


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame. 

This is a Six Eye Mono Original Columbia pressing. These originals have the midrange magic that is missing from the Classic Records heavy vinyl pressing.

In our experience these Six Eye Mono Original Columbia pressings are the only ones with any hope of having the Midrange Magic that is fundamental to the sound of Frank’s early Columbia LPs — and is clearly missing from the Classic Records heavy vinyl pressing. The Classic is clean and clear and tonally correct like a CD. Without the warmth and sweetness of analog and, in this case, tube mastering, the sound just isn’t “the real Frank”.

Side One

A++, clear and present vocals, very high-rez sound. The real Tubey Magic kicks in strongly on the second track, with a breathy, full-bodied Sinatra front and center. Listen to how clear you can hear his vibrato! Very few copies were this clear, but one was even better, our White Hot shootout winner. This is very close to it, and it will surely be years before we find another one this good for those who miss out on this copy. So don’t miss out!

Side Two

A++, very much like side one, with breathy, natural vocal reproduction and lovely transparency. A little more richness could very well have earned this side its third plus.

Vinyl Issues

Almost no copies in our shootout played better than Mint Minus Minus, and most were much worse. Finding an unscratched copy of this album is not easy! This copy is slightly noisier than the best we played, but still acceptable to those who can put up with some surface noise. (Those who can’t put up with some are going to have a hard time finding many of Sinatra’s better records to play.)

AMG Review

The Voice was one of a handful of ’50s long-players showcasing the first phase of Sinatra’s solo career, and at the time it wowed listeners — the focus is on the ballads, and the dozen represented here constitute a bumper crop of classics, all resplendent in the singer’s richest, most overpowering intonation and most delicately nuanced work.

The sensibilities, from the lushly seductive “Laura” to the gently self-satisfied “(I Got a Woman Crazy for Me) She’s Funny That Way,” show off a huge emotional range, and the latter song may be the highlight of the album, displaying a soft yet smugly confident brand of machismo, all of it drenched in Axel Stordahl’s overflowing string arrangements, yet quietly bold in its emotional content.