Steve Miller Band – Book of Dreams – Our Shootout Winner from 2013


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This White Hot pressing of Book Of Dreams — the first to ever hit the site — earned A+++ grades on both sides, giving you dramatically better sound than you might expect for this album. This is a ROUGH recording. We’ve played scores of copies over the years and most of them have been just plain awful. I’m pleased to report that this A+++ copy will bring this music to life in your listening room in a way that would never be possible with the average pressing.

This is the first ever White Hot Stamper copy of Book of Dreams to make it to our site. How could that be? It took us until fairly recently to find out that there were pressings out there that rose above the terrible sound of the typical pressing. Steve Miller Band recordings are pretty rough, I’m afraid. Put Steve Miller right up there with Bruce Springsteen as classic artists whose records almost never sound good. Great on the radio, sure, but unspectacular on a serious audiophile system.

We kept at it and finally had enough copies on hand to feel like we had a shot at sorting out a few winners. It was a tough task, no doubt about it. There are so many ways copies of this album can fall apart, and almost all of the copies we played eventually found a way to fail and fail hard. Only a small group had enough going right that we felt good about offering them on the site. Dark Side Of The Moon or Tea For The Tillerman this ain’t, but the Hot Stamper copies are a pretty serious step up over what you get on the typical copy.

The sound here is fuller and livelier, with more punch and weight down low. The veiled, murky quality you hear on most copies is kept in check; the sound is cleaner, clearer and more present here. The sound is big with lots of drive, exactly how this band needs to sound. I’ve never heard Swingtown sound so good.


Side One

Jet Airliner
Winter Time
True Fine Love
Wish Upon a Star

Side Two

Jungle Love
Electro Lux Imbroglio
The Stake
My Own Space
Babes in the Wood

AMG 4 Star Review

It is here, on this 1977 blockbuster, that Steve Miller shored up his “Space Cowboy” moniker and cosmic persona: from the winged horse on the album cover to a judicious smattering of synthesizers in the music, Book of Dreams bridged the gap between blues-rock and the indulgences of prog rock… Still, this is a highlight of the ’70s classic rock era and one of Miller’s finest releases.