Bob Dylan – Planet Waves – Our Shootout Winner from 2009


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This White Hot Stamper copy of Planet Waves boasts not only great Bob Dylan sound, but some of the best sound for The Band that you’ll ever hear! That’s right, Dylan is backed by Messrs. Robertson, Danko, Helm, Manuel and Hudson on this album, and I don’t know when we’ve ever heard such audiophile quality sound from that crew. It’s a real treat to hear their signature styles without the cardboard-y, compressed quality we usually find on their albums.

Lots of great material on this album, not sure why it doesn’t get more respect. On A Night Like This, Going Going Gone, Forever Young, You Angel You… these are wonderful, well-recorded songs.

This is not one of Dylan’s best-known or most-loved albums, but it’s definitely a good one. You can certainly tell that these are very emotional songs for him, and it really shows in the performances.

Side one earned our top grade of A+++ — it’s As Good As It Gets! The bass is HUGE but never out of control. The top end is extended and silky sweet, while the punchy bottom gives the music a wonderful foundation. There’s wonderful presence to the vocals and loads of tubey magic. The overall sound is full-bodied, warm and energetic.

Side two isn’t far behind, rating A++. The sound is SUPER clean and clear — just listen to the perfectly intact transients on the acoustic guitars. Dylan’s voice sounds JUST RIGHT. The top end is quite nice, the piano sounds wondeful and the guitars have a nice twang.

We’re keeping this one pretty cheap since it’s not a particularly sought after album. $200 will not buy you such good sound for Dylan anywhere else on this site!


Side One

On a Night Like This 
Going, Going, Gone 
Tough Mama 
Something There Is About You 
Forever Young

Side Two

Forever Young (Continued) 
You Angel You 
Never Say Goodbye 
Wedding Song

AMG Review

Reteaming with the Band, Bob Dylan winds up with an album that recalls New Morning more than The Basement Tapes, since Planet Waves is given to a relaxed intimate tone — all the more appropriate for a collection of modest songs about domestic life… There are moments — “On a Night Like This,” “Something There Is About You,” the lovely “Forever Young” — where it just gels.