Frank Zappa / Captain Beefheart – Bongo Fury – Our Shootout Winning Copy from 2006

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Bongo Fury


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This Minty looking Discreet LP has STUNNINGLY GOOD SOUND ON BOTH SIDES! It’s very transparent and full-bodied from top to bottom. The bass is meaty and punchy, and the top end is wonderfully extended. You can hear lots of ambience the cymbals and hi-hats. It doesn’t sound like there’s anything between you and the music. I can’t remember ever hearing this record sound so good. 

Some of this music is recorded live and some of it is studio material. The live tracks offer some of the best live Frank Zappa sound you will EVER hear.

This recording is just plain wacky fun. You get the maximum entertainment value with this one. Muffin Man is the high point of this album. It’s one of my favorite Zappa tracks.

“Bongo Fury captures Captain Beefheart aka Don Van Vliet with Frank Zappa during their brief reunion for a series of shows in the spring of 1975. This album is a pastiche of both live performances — taken from two evenings at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, TX — and studio recordings that were almost a year-and-a-half old. This is the last album to feature the highly technical jazz fusion of Mothers of Invention, whose roots can be traced back to 1973 circa Over-Nite Sensation. The live portions are highlighted by the latest addition to the band — frenetic percussionist extraordinaire Terry “Ted” Bozzio, who would stay with Zappa for a majority of the ’70s. Most Zappa enthusiasts either love or hate Bongo Fury. ” — AMG

I’m a Zappa enthusiast and I love it. This is the last record Zappa made that I can stand.


Debra Kadabra [live] 
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy [live] 
Sam With the Showing Scalp Flat Top [live] 
Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead [live] 
200 Years Old 
Advance Romance [live] 
Man With the Woman Head [live] 
Muffin Man [live]