Jimi Hendrix – Rainbow Bridge – Our Shootout Winner from 2009

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Rainbow Bridge


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

THE NEW ALL-TIME CHAMPION FOR SIDE ONE! We played over a dozen copies this week, split evenly between domestics and Brit imports — and this bad boy absolutely MURDERED the competition.

Drop the needle on Dolly Dagger or Pali Gap and prepare to be floored! You won’t believe the big-time presence, the mindblowing energy, or the massive WHOMP factor! This copy has the tightest bass we’ve ever heard for this album, plus an unbelievable amount of Tubey Magic.

Super Tubey Magical

I don’t know if we’ve ever heard a side one quite as good as this one. The vocals are full-bodied and present with lots of body and breath. The bottom end is tight and punchy with more weight than we heard on other copies. You could play a good-sized stack of copies and you’d probably still not find one as open, spacious, and transparent as this side one. The richness, sweetness, and warmth go far beyond what we expect on this album. A+++ all the way!

Side two has excellent live sound for the extended versions of Hey Baby and Hear My Train A Comin’. There’s more presence here than we heard elsewhere, and the top end is silky and extended. The energy factor is off the charts. We rated side two A++.

This record is guaranteed to sound better than any Hendrix record mastered by Bernie Grundman on heavy vinyl or your money back.

Excellent Music!

Side one of this album features some amazing material, including “Dolly Dagger” and “Earth Blues,” two of the better songs from the later part of Jimi’s career. (Check out the insightful AMG track reviews near the bottom of this listing.) The instrumental “Pali Gap” is fantastic as well and pure audiophile gold — so spacious and sweet.

Side two features some good live material, including extended renditions of two great tracks — “Hear My Train A Comin'” and “Hey Baby.”


Side One

Dolly Dagger 
Earth Blues
Pali Gap 
Room Full of Mirrors
The Star Spangled Banner

Side Two

Look over Yonder 
Hear My Train a Comin’ 
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

AMG Track Reviews

“Dolly Dagger” is arguably one of the great pop songs of Hendrix’s career. Written towards the very end of his life, the song sounds like it was written years earlier, and it certainly has the same feel as many of the compositions on Hendrix’s debut, Are You Experienced?. Containing a wonderfully funky guitar line, the song is not deep, and certainly containing none of the pretension that marred much of Hendrix’s later work, “Dolly Dagger” is a great, light, pop song, with a enormously attractive, even funny, lyric and a lovely, bouncy melody. Of course, Hendrix’s guitar work is inspired, but it doesn’t draw attention away from what is essentially a brilliantly crafted song.

Led by a Wes Montgomery-inspired riff that sounds like Curtis Mayfield on acid, “Earth Blues” is a fabulous soul-drenched rocker that potentially would have been a great single, had it been released as such. Lyrically, there is a string gospel feeling here, and crossed with the overall psychedelic vibe, it was perfect for the 1970 airwaves. Showcasing the feeling on the street at the turn of the ’60s, the song has a great urban feel and contains great energy.