The Doors – After 40 Years We’ve Come Full Circle

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This commentary was written about 15 years ago.

My favorite of the first three Doors album, this one is imbued with more mystery and lyricism than  previous efforts. The album shows them maturing as a band, smoking large amounts of pot and preparing for the wild ride of their next opus, the ambitious Soft Parade.

Actually, as I listen to this album it reminds me more and more of that one. Now that it sounds as good as The Soft Parade (a record I have an amazing Magic Stamper pressing of, brown label don’t you know) I find I’ve gained a new respect for Waiting.

More to Come

I started playing these albums in high school on my 8-track tape player. My older stepbrother had the records and I probably played those too.

When I got seriously into audio sometime in the ’70s, I tried every kind of record I could get my hands on — Brits, Germans, Japanese, originals, reissues — but no matter what I did, I couldn’t find good sounding pressings of their albums. They sounded terrible and I just assumed the band, like so many other ’60s artists, had been poorly recorded.

Then in the early ’80s, the MoFi of the first album came out. It sounded amazing to me (at the time).

Ten or so years later the DCC pressing came along and murdered it.

Now we’ve come full circle — back to the originals. With better cleaning technologies and much better playback equipment, the tables have turned. 

This is, again, what progress in audio in all about. As your stereo improves, some records should get better, some should get worse. (DCC and Mobile Fidelity records should get worse, relative to vintage pressings.)

It’s the nature of the beast for those of us who constantly make improvements to our playback and critically listen to records all day.