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A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

We won’t be surprised if you don’t have this one in your collection. Let’s face it, who in his right mind would keep throwing good money after bad, buying up one bad sounding copy after another in the hopes that someday one of them would sound good?

We would! Why shouldn’t we? We get paid good money to do that kind of dirty work, and beyond the money, we get the THRILL of being the first to play these wonderful records, full of the music we love. (Not too many Hot Stamper shootouts get done for bands and albums we don’t like. Who could get motivated enough to sit through copy after copy of some Audiophile Bullshit LP?) 

Here’s a record that we almost never have on the site — a stunning White Hot Stamper copy of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac — some of the hardest hitting Blues Rock ever made or ever to be made!

We Love the Early Fleetwood Mac

This is the band back in the day when they were playing their unique brand of Blues Rock, with Peter Green leading the band, about as far from Rumours as you can get. If you like British Blues Rock, I don’t think any other band can hold a candle to the Mac back then. Clapton may have been considered a god but I think Green is the better guitar player.


Side two is As Good As It Gets — Triple Plus (A+++). The pluck of the guitar transients aren’t smeary and dull for once. There’s real extension up top, a big help to the cymbals, and the voice sounds tonally correct with just the right presence, placing Green front and center but still keeping the band in the mix. Like a good vintage Brit record, the sound is smooth, rich and full. This is ANALOG baby; they don’t make ’em like this anymore because they don’t know how.

Side one is nearly as impressive — Double Plus (A++). The sound is rich, smooth, lively and clear.


Side One

My Heart Beat Like A Hammer
Merry Go Round
Long Grey Mare
Hellhound On My Trail
Shake Your Moneymaker
Looking For Somebody

Side Two

No Place To Go
My Baby’s Good To Me
I Loved Another Women
Cold Black Night
The World Keep On Turning
Got To Move

AMG 4 1/2 Star Rave Review

Fleetwood Mac’s debut LP was a highlight of the late-’60s British blues boom. Green’s always inspired playing, the capable (if erratic) songwriting, and the general panache of the band as a whole placed them leagues above the overcrowded field… The album was an unexpected smash in the U.K., reaching number four on the British charts.