Liszt & Weber / Ballade No. 2, Mephisto Waltz, more / Bar-Illan

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Ballade No. 2, Mephisto Waltz, more / Bar-Illan


A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

The Liszt side here actually has the best sound, earning a seriously good grade of A++ to A+++. This is one of the few audiophile-oriented recordings I have ever played that actually sounded NATURAL and CORRECT. This is a very real sounding piano; there are not many recordings that can capture that instrument’s weight, but this one sure does.

Side One

A++ sound, very open and real. This is a big piano with a solid bottom end playing in a big room. A trace of smear on the transients keeps it from the full Three Plus grade.

Side Two

A++ to A+++, less smeary so we raised the grade a bit. The music is dark and somewhat “out there” but the sound is AMAZING. 


Side One (Weber)

Piano Sonata No. 2

Side Two (Liszt)

Ballade No. 2 
En Reve
Mephisto Waltz