Saint-Saens / Symphony #3 / Mehta – Reviewed in 2011

This British London pressing is the winner of our recent shootout for this performance. We had three London pressings, all the same stamper numbers if I recall correctly, and this is the only copy to have Super Hot Stamper sound on either side. Side one is actually quite nice, with lovely texture to the strings. The sound is transparent and natural, two qualities that are in short supply on most of the recordings Mehta did with the L.A. Phil. in our experience.

We pulled out all the copies of this famous work we could find in the backroom and most of them were just awful. This is not an easy work to record, incorporating as it does an organ with a large orchestra. (I saw the work performed back in 2009 and it was magical. There is nothing like the sound of violins playing high over organ notes below.)

Side One

Lovely A++ sound! 

Side Two

Not as good, more smeary and somewhat dark. A+, better by far than most but no Demo Disc by any means.