Prokofiev / Symphonic Suite of Waltzes / Schweiger – Cisco Reviewed

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Sonic Grade: B-

We haven’t played a copy of this record in years, but back in the day we liked it, so let’s call it a “B-” with the caveat that the older the review, the more likely we are to have changed our minds. Not sure if we would still agree with what we wrote back when this record came out, but here it is anyway.  

Another superb choice from Cisco. These shorter pieces really come to life here. The sound has more hall than the Mozart title they did and every bit the lifelike tonality and transparency.

[UPDATE: None of Cisco’s records turned out to be transparent in the least, so that’s a big red flag right there. The music is quite good, so if you don’t pay much you won’t get hurt too badly by the mediocre sound.]

Prokofiev collected music from his late film scores and ballets (including Cinderella) to create a melodic and adventurous suite. The tremendous dynamic range of the work benefited greatly from the simple, minimalist approach employed in the recording. This world-premiere from 1959 presents a large orchestra the way it was meant to be heard. Included is Prokofiev’s Gypsy Fantasy, from the same sessions as Waltzes and a former member of the TAS List of great recordings. One listen to this amazing 180 gram LP and you will know why!

From the liner notes