Brahms / Hungarian Dances / Dvorak / Slavonic Dances – Our Shootout Winner from 2011

Hot Stamper Classical and Orchestral Imports on Decca & London

Reviews and Commentaries for Recordings by Decca

The London pressing of this music used to be on the TAS List but appears to have been dropped at some point over the years. Not that I would notice what comes and goes on HP’s list, as I do not hold it in as high a regard as most audiophiles I have met over the years. For some reason there were those who tended to think it definitive or consistent. I can assure you it is neither.

The Brahms here (side one) is nothing special on this copy, but the Dvorak is SUPERB, sounding much better than the other Bluebacks we played and the Stereo Treasury copies as well. With Reiner at the helm both sides are lively and fun.

Side Two (Dvorak)

At least A++ sound, with far more top and bottom than the other pressings we played. It’s full of energy and dynamic as hell. Reiner plays the work at a brisk pace and it is a thrill to hear it sound so good!

Side One (Brahms)

A+ or so, no better. Not all the top and somewhat opaque but better than the STS pressings we played. The average uncleaned Blueback would clearly be worse.