The Association / Greatest Hits – Originals Versus Reissues

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The sound on this record is as good as this album gets. Don’t think you’re too cool to enjoy this ’60s pop rock. These songs are still a blast and very enjoyable. The sound on this record is as good as this album gets. 

I did a shootout with this copy and a later pressing just now, after having just listed a Gold Label Original LP of Insight Out, which allowed me to compare the sound of three different generations of Warner Brothers records.

I heard pretty much what you would expect to hear. The best Gold Label pressings have the most sweetness, richness, the best bass (amazingly good for a ’60s pop recording) and the most Tubey Magic.

The Green Label Greatest Hits sounds very sweet and analog, but it’s obviously made from sub-generation copy tapes, as Greatest Hits albums usually are. Still the sound is very smooth and sweet. There is a loss of transparency but the tonality is correct.

The Palm Tree Label pressing, the best sounding one I’ve ever heard by the way, is brighter and more modern sounding. On some tracks that brightness helps cut through the murk, but most of the time it sounds more transistory and less musical.

So this Green Label copy has the best sound for all the hits. If you want better sound, you have to find the right pressings of the individual albums. Since most of those are filled with filler, this is actually a pretty good way to go.

And this copy has very quiet vinyl, which is somewhat unusual.

Cherish on this copy sounds especially good, by the way.


The Time It Is Today
Everything That Touches You
Like Always
Never My Love
Requiem for the Masses
Along Comes Mary
Enter the Young
No Fair at All
Time for Livin’
We Love Us
Six Man Band