Massenet – Le Cid Ballet Music – Klavier Debunked

More of the music of Jules Massenet (1842-1912) 

Le Cid Ballet Music 


Sonic Grade: D

Hall of Shame pressing. 

This hi-fi-ish Doug Sax/ Acoustic Sounds re-butchering of the Fremaux on Klavier is insufferable. Back in the day audiophiles in droves bought them from all the major mail order audiophile record dealers (you know who I’m talking about), apparently not noticing the overblown bass and spark-spark-sparkling top end. (Perhaps the same audiophiles who think that Mobile Fidelity makes good sounding records?)

If your system needs boosted bass and highs try this Klavier pressing. Better yet, fix your stereo so you won’t need phony audiophile records like this one to make it sound good!

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For those who might not be familiar with Klavier, they are a remastering label like Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs or DCC. They have remastered and released on vinyl a large number of titles taken from the EMI catalog, most of which are long out of print and none of which, to our knowledge, are any good.