Eagles – The Long Run – Our Shootout Winner from 2009

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This copy had sound we never would have expected to hear on this record. Believe me, not too many sound like this one! Most copies have a smeary, veiled, stuck-in-the-speaker quality that makes for some painful listening. Cardboard drums. Non-existent ambience. No energy. The average copy of this album just sits on the turntable with nothing to say.

What’s Szymczyk’s problem anyway? Can’t the guy record an album any better than this after being in the studio for all these years?

Yes he can! Don’t make the mistake of judging his work by the typical bad pressing of it, the kind that Elektra was churning out by the millions back in the day. Believe me, the master tape must be AWESOME if the sound of some of the records we played is any indication. And of course that’s exactly how we know it is — by the pressings we heard.

The Music

The best songs on this album show the Eagles at the height of their powers. The first two songs on both sides are practically as good as it gets for mainstream rock from this era, staples of Classic Rock stations from coast to coast to this day. The last song on side two, The Sad Cafe, is also a standout. The rest, as they used to say in school, “needs improvement”. But five Killer Eagles songs is nothing to sneeze at. This is an album that belongs in your collection, even if you choose to only listen to the best material on it.

It’s amazingly well recorded, much better than we expected, so look for more of these coming to the site down the road. Not sure how many we can find that sound as good as this one, but we’ll keep looking, that’s for sure. We had a blast doing this shootout and look forward to the next one. 

This may not be the most impressive Hot Stamper in your collection, but it’s a big step up over most of the godawful copies out there. If you want to hear the Eagles sound their best, I’d stick to the first album, Desperado or Hotel California. This one is for folks who love this album and are sick of struggling with the weak sound of the typical pressing.


Side One

The Long Run
I Can’t Tell You Why
In the City
The Disco Strangler
King of Hollywood

Side Two

Heartache Tonight
Those Shoes
Teenage Jail
The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks
The Sad Café


The Long Run is the sixth studio album by Eagles, released in 1979. This was the first Eagles album not to feature founding member Randy Meisner, who was replaced by Timothy B. Schmit… The Long Run took almost two years to complete and saw the Eagles move in a more hard rock direction that they started going in with its predecessor, 1976’s Hotel California.