Letter of the Week – “I am rocking at a different level now”

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom,  

I was just now able to give this Let It Be Hot Stamper a thorough listen. I really sat back and put my listening ears on, as I have listened to this album a lot, both on vinyl and on CD. 

It took about three songs into the LP before I was truly able to comprehend what I was hearing and how different it was compared to any other copy I have heard. I still am not sure exactly how to described it in words, but it is amazing and unlike anything I have ever heard before. Not only did I hear things I haven’t heard before, the things I have heard hundreds of times prior reached out and grabbed me like I couldn’t ever foresee. I heard a voice in the background of the opening to “Get Back” in clarity this time, where on other copies it was not much more than a mumble. I guess the closest I can describe it is that this LP has a combination of punch, clarity and realism that I never knew existed on any recorded media before. Some of the guitar riffs were beyond description. The voices are “live” and the bass is incredibly tight.

Now, being a collector of records for both listening pleasure and sheer collectability, I have paid a lot for some rare stuff. Because of that, I was very leery of paying this crazy price for this copy. Even after listening to it twice, I was still wanting to tell you that it sounded amazingly good, but I was going to send it back because it was just too much money. But, I then asked myself, do you want to send it back? My immediate answer to myself was hell no, it sounds way too good and I need to have this for my demo disc to my friends.

Anyway, I am impressed, Tom. I will be an avid watcher going forward and will be picking off some additional Hot Stampers as they show up on your site. Someone wrote you a while back and said he was better off getting a few Hot Stampers instead of a bunch of run of the mill vinyl. I agree!!

I am rocking at a different level now.

Bryan S.