Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave – Our Shootout Winner from 2011

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A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame

This A&M / CTI Brown Label LP is the first Hot Stamper copy to hit the site in many years! It’s noticeably more TRANSPARENT than most copies. You really HEAR INTO THE MUSIC on this LP in a way that just doesn’t happen on the typical pressing. Side one is tonally correct and natural with good size and big bass — we gave it an A++. 

I love the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. This is one of his best albums. It belongs in any serious Latin Jazz record collection. We’ve had some luck with Tide and The Composer Of Desifinado plays, but for the most part it’s pretty darn difficult to find copies of his albums that sound good.


Side One

The Red Blouse 
Look to the Sky 

Side Two

Captain Bacardi

AMG Review

When Creed Taylor left Verve/MGM for his own label under the auspices of A&M, he quickly signed Antonio Carlos Jobim and they picked up right where they left off with this stunningly seductive record, possibly Jobim’s best. Jobim contributes his sparely rhythmic acoustic guitar, simple melodic piano style, a guest turn at the harpsichord, and even a vocal on “Lamento,” while Claus Ogerman lends a romantically brooding hand with the charts. A pair of instant standards are introduced (“Wave,” “Triste”), but this album is to be cherished for its absolutely first-rate tunes — actually miniature tone poems — that escaped overexposure and thus sound fresh today.