Dvorak & Glazounov – Violin Concertos – Milstein – Cisco Reviewed

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Violin Concertos – Milstein


Sonic Grade: B or so

Some of the sweetest violin tone on heavy vinyl you will ever hear. For Heavy Vinyl this one gets a very high recommendation. The domestic originals we’ve played have been uniformly awful so pick up this Cisco pressing wherever you can find it if the price is right, assuming you can stand the lack of ambience and resolution that Heavy Vinyl consistently suffers from. To be honest, we have not played this record in many years and would probably like it much less now than we did at the time of its release.

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Note that side 1 does not sound identical to side 2 of this record. I’m interested to hear from those who own the record what differences they might have heard. And, if you don’t own this one yet, pick it up, play it and see for yourself. Then let me know.

This is considered by many to be the finest performance of Dvorak’s popular concerto ever recorded. The first release of SP8382 struggled to give the performance the breadth it needed.

Now remastered with meticulous detail by Kevin Gray at AcousTech mastering (ably assisted by our good friend Robert Pincus), you can experience with transporting awe this legendary recording as it was intended. 

The Glazounov concerto is no less amazing, a fine coupling work to go with the Dvorak. Milstein and Heifetz both championed this underappreciated piece, bringing to it quite different interpretations but similar vigor.

The spaciousness, naturalness and coherency of the sound of this three microphone recording must be heard to be believed.”

From the liner notes.