Letter of the Week – “…you’re actually saving me some money and you’re definitely saving me time.”

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom, 

I really like all the full disclosure you have of your methods and what you pay for the records and by the time I purchase five different copies of, “the Who-who’s next“ and figure out which one I like best I think you’re actually saving me some money and you’re definitely saving me time.

Although I will admit that my 57-year-old years and perhaps my lack of the revealing system (McIntosh MC302, PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC, and Sonus Faber Cremona’s (soft dome silk tweeter) do permit me to enjoy some of the Mobile Fidelity sound labs releases.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Dear David,

Some of those MoFi records can sound passable enough, especially if you don’t have something better to compare them to. Your ears are probably fine.

As you say, more revealing equipment would expose their flaws, but then you have to buy other pressings of albums you already own, one of the fundamental problems in record collecting. Some of our customers wrote us letters about it:



Best, TP


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