Rachmaninoff / Piano Concerto #1/ Janis / Reiner – Reviewed in 2005


A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

This is a Minty RCA Victrola Plum Label LP. I used to think that the Classic was better than the Vic, and in some ways it may be, but I hear a lot of midrange magic on this LP that I don’t think you can find on the Classic pressing. [No kidding.] 

Side two sounds even better than side one. Burleske sounds especially good on this copy.

These are our earlier comments for the Classic Records pressing of this title:

I played this side by side with my original Victrola, which is the only RCA stereo release, and the Classic killed it. How Bernie can cut this record right and screw up all the others is a mystery to me.

I highly recommend this one, musically and sonically. Everybody loves Rachmaninoff, especially when Byron Janis is at the keyboard, and the Strauss piece is engaging on its own as well.