Stevie Wonder – Talking Book – Our Shootout Winner from 2012

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Talking Book


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

An A+++ White Hot side two backed with an A++ side one! We just finished our another big shootout for this album, and those of you who are familiar with this record will not be surprised that it was TOUGH. This side two is an entirely different story than most pressings — the sound is big, lively and three-dimensional! 

You could play dozens of copies of this album and never hear a side two this good. Heck, we’ve played hundreds of copies over the years with almost nothing to show for it!

Side One

A++, with a big, rich bottom end and clear, present vocals. So good!

Side Two

A+++, As Good As It Gets! Big and solid, open and spacious, this side is doing everything we could ask it to. Pay particular attention to the kick drum — it sounds just right here! The vocals are breathy and present, and the soundstage is amazingly big and three-dimensional.

Even the hottest copies never reached the sonic heights of InnerVisions or Songs In The Key Of Life, but at least they presented the music in a way that audiophiles like us can enjoy.


Side One

You Are the Sunshine of My Life 
Maybe Your Baby 
You and I 
Tuesday Heartbreak
You’ve Got It Bad Girl

Side Two

Big Brother 
Blame It on the Sun
Lookin’ for Another Pure Love
I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)

AMG 5 Star Rave Review

Like no other Stevie Wonder LP before it, Talking Book is all of a piece, the first unified statement of his career. It’s certainly an exercise in indulgence but, imitating life, it veers breathtakingly from love to heartbreak and back with barely a pause.