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Living In The USA


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

Both sides here are rich and smooth yet still clean and clear, precisely the kind of sound we’ve come to expect from the team of Val Garay and Peter Asher in the ’70s. The bass is deep and punchy, the keyboards tubey rich, and the whole of the ensemble displays both energy and conviction on this top quality batch of songs.

Check out the best of them, tracks that still get airplay today: Back in the U.S.A.; Just One Look; Alison; All That You Dream; Oh Baby Baby; Blowing Away and Love Me Tender. That’s a lot of great songs on one album!

Val Garay Is The Man

Kudos once again must go to Val Garay, the co-engineer here with Dave Hassinger (who owns The Sound Factory where the album was recorded). Garay is the man behind so many of our favorite recordings: James Taylor’s JT (a Top 100 title), Simple Dreams (also a Top 100 title), Andrew GoldPrisoner In Disguise, etc. They all share his trademark super-punchy, jump-out-the-speakers, rich and smooth ANALOG sound. With BIG drums — can’t forget those. (To be clear, only the best copies share it. Most copies only hint at it.)

I don’t think Mr Garay gets anything like his due with audiophiles and the reviewers who write for them. This is a shame; the guy makes Demo Disc Quality Pop Records about as good as those kinds of records can be made. If you have a Big System that really rocks you owe it to yourself to get to know his work. This is truly a KNOCKOUT disc if you have the equipment for it. We do, and it’s records like this that make the effort and expense of building a full-range dynamic system so rewarding.


Side One

Back in the U.S.A. 
When I Grow Too Old to Dream 
Just One Look 
White Rhythm & Blues

Side Two

All That You Dream 
Oh Baby Baby 
Mohammed’s Radio 
Blowing Away 
Love Me Tender

Review and Background

By the late ’70s, Linda Ronstadt had left herself with a pretty tough act to follow, scoring a series of platinum-selling, chart-topping LPs that helped turn her into one of the defining artists of the decade. But with 1978’s Living in the USA, she managed to raise the bar for commercial success all over again.

Living in the USA was a smash hit even before it arrived in stores on Sept. 19, 1978. Given Ronstadt’s incredible streak of five million-selling albums, retailers couldn’t wait to pre-order the new disc; as a result, it reached the shelves as the first album in history to earn double-platinum status prior to its official release.

A number of tracks from the album latched onto the airwaves over the coming months, including the Top 20 title track (a cover of the Chuck Berry hit), the Top 10 “Ooh Baby Baby” (written and originally recorded by Smokey Robinson), and Ronstadt’s version of Elvis Costello‘s “Alison.”

Although her unparalleled gifts as a vocal interpreter were never in question, Ronstadt also received a lot of attention for her image, and by the time Living in the USA was released, her looks were almost as much of a draw as the music. In fact, the knee-socks-and-roller-skates combo she wore on the cover helped spark a national skating resurgence. (As People put it the following year, “Anyone who gave Linda Ronstadt her first pair of roller skates deserves a place in this decade’s social history.”)

It was ultimately the music that mattered most, however, and Living in the USA delivered, matching its impressive sales with a round of positive reviews.