June Christy – The Misty Miss Christy – Our Shootout Winner from 2006

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A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This very nice looking Capitol LP has SUPERB SOUND. It’s RICH, SWEET and full of TUBEY MAGIC. It could use a bit more top end but other than that it’s hard to imagine June sounding much better than she does here.

“Less swinging than Something Cool, The Misty Miss Christy mostly stays on auto-stroll with a wealth of subtle and sophisticated orchestral charts. The jazz-pop environs come courtesy of longtime arranger Pete Rugolo and optimally frame the singer on highlights like “That’s All,” “I Didn’t Know About You,” and “Dearly Beloved.” With West Coast-style brass and reed accents gliding atop the lush strings, Christy also turns in fine renditions of Monk’s “Round Midnight” and Russ Freeman’s expressionistically torchy “The Wind.” Balancing out the predominant autumnal lull, Christy shows her swinging savvy on breezy gems like “Sing Something Simple,” “There’s No You,” and “A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening.” Both an essential Christy title and one of the best vocal albums from the ’50s.”