The Doors / Strange Days – Our Shootout Winner from 2011

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We’ve only found one or two copies that were in the same league as this one, and they went directly into the hands of our best longtime customers who had been waiting patiently for a killer pressing. 

Both sides are MAGICAL, dramatically better than the vast majority of copies we come across. The sound is rich, warm, clean, clear and amazingly transparent. The vocals sound JUST RIGHT. You would have to have a ton of copies at your disposal to have any chance of finding one that had even one side that sounds as good as BOTH sides sound here. This one is a MONSTER.

Strange Days and L.A. Woman are the two Doors albums that almost never sound right on vinyl. The reason you rarely see Hot Stamper copies of either album show up on the site is because most pressings are GODAWFUL, and they sure don’t come cheap enough to justify taking chances over and over. We only pick them up when the grooves look exceptional, the price is right, and the stamper numbers are nowhere to be found on our “Do Not Buy” list. (No doubt you’d like to get your hands on it, but we treat it like the recipe for Coca Cola.)


Side One

Strange Days 
You’re Lost Little Girl
Love Me Two Times
Unhappy Girl
Horse Latitudes
Moonlight Drive

Side Two

People Are Strange
My Eyes Have Seen You
I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind
When the Music’s Over

AMG Review

.. overall it’s a very successful continuation of the themes of their classic album. Besides the hit “Strange Days,” highlights included the funky “Moonlight Drive,” the eerie “You’re Lost Little Girl,” and the jerkily rhythmic “Love Me Two Times,” which gave the band a small chart single.