JS Bach / Suite #2 / Janigro – Reviewed in 2007

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A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame

This is a 1S/ 1S Indianapolis pressing with A1 metal mothers from 1960 with sweet sound! Perfectly fitting for these Baroque pieces recorded in Italy.

This title is extremely rare. I haven’t seen one of these in about ten years. For those of you who are fans of this kind of music, you will find much to like here.

This is the first stereo recording of Bach’s Second Orchestral Suite for Flute and Strings.

The Solisti di Zagreb is comprised of 7 violinists, 3 violists, two cellists, in addition to Janigro and one double base player. This album features three outstanding soloists: Jean-Pierre Rampal on flute, Robert Veyron-Lacroix on harpsichord and Jelka Stanic on violin.