The Crusaders – Chain Reaction – Our Shootout Winner from 2009

The Crusaders – Chain Reaction


A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

When you play the MoFi against a Hot Stamper, the audiophile version reeks of phony top end EQ, compression and sloppy bass. (What half-speed mastered record doesn’t?) So if you could use a little jazz-funk in your musical diet, this is the ticket.


Side One

Chain Reaction
I Felt the Love
Mellow Out
Rainbow Visions

Side Two

Give It Up
Hot’s It
Sugar Cone
Soul Caravan

AMG 4 1/2 Star Rave Review

One of the tastiest concoctions of the mid-’70s jazz-fusion era, Chain Reaction finds the Crusaders at the top of their form. The compositions are both accessible and memorable, and the playing is uniformly excellent. Guitarist Larry Carlton delivers some of his finest licks and funkified rhythm work. Wayne Henderson shows there is a place in fusion for the trombone. Wilton Felder does double duty, delivering smoking saxophone lines and funky bass riffs. Joe Sample’s Fender Rhodes piano provides a solid chordal foundation and great solos. And the stickman, Stix Hooper, keeps the groove solid.