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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom,   

You’ve blown my mind yet again. This copy of Morrison Hotel is SO HUGE and CLEAN and DYNAMIC… I’m just glad I didn’t blow up my hi-fi; there should’ve been a warning label!




You are right about that. This album is powerful like few others.

This is Demo Disc quality sound by any measure, especially on Big Speakers at Loud Levels.

You’ve got to hand it to Bruce Botnick — he knows how to get real rock-’em, sock-’em bottom end onto a piece of magnetic tape.

And sometimes that bottom end whomp* actually makes it onto the record, as is the case here, making for one helluva Demo Disc for Bass (if you have speakers big enough to play it, of course.)

Waiting for the Sun

The track to play to hear massive amounts of bass and energy is one we should all know well: Waiting for the Sun.

If you’re looking for Demo Quality song on this album, that’s the one. Prodigious amounts of Tubey Magic as well.

*For whomp factor, the formula goes like this: deep bass + mid bass + speed + dynamics + energy = whomp.

Thanks for your letter,


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