Fleetwood Mac – The Pious Bird Of Good Omen

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More of the Early Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green

If you’re a fan of Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac — and who in his right mind wouldn’t be — then you can’t go wrong with this record. Need Your Love So Bad, Albratross and Black Magic Woman are all featured here.

Speaking of Black Magic Woman, the best copies of Pious Bird reproduce the bass-heavy drumming on that track much better than the Greatest Hits album we also recommend. It’s very unlikely that you can find better sound for that classic than right here on this very copy.

Side One

White Hot shootout winning sound. Big and rich, with correct tonality, this is the way early Fleetwood Mac is supposed to sound. No smear at all, which is rare on these pressings.

Side Two

Nearly as good, with rich vocals and plenty of punchy energy to drive the music. Good space too.


I have the CD of Pious Bird in my car and let me tell you I’m more than happy to let it repeat for days at a time. I love the early BLUESY Mac on this album, a group that’s about as far from the players on Rumours as you can imagine. (Actually that’s not true; two fifths of the Mac, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, anchor both eras of the band, but the music made pre-1969 compared to that from 1975 onwards couldn’t be more different.)

Pious Bird is without a doubt the best introduction to the early iteration of Fleetwood Mac. It’s an album that belongs in any right thinking audiophile’s collection.

The Players

  • Peter Green – vocals, guitar, harmonica (left in 1970 after Then Play On)
  • Jeremy Spencer – vocals, slide guitar (left in 1971 after Kiln House)
  • Danny Kirwan – vocals, electric guitar (left in 1972 after Bare Trees )
  • John McVie – bass guitar (still rockin’)
  • Mick Fleetwood – drums (still rockin’)


Side One

Need Your Love So Bad 
Coming Home 
Rambling Pony 
The Big Boat 
I Believe My Time Ain’t Long 
The Sun Is Shining

Side Two

Black Magic Woman 
Just the Blues 
Jigsaw Puzzle Blues 
Looking for Somebody 
Stop Messin’ Round

AMG Review

With songs taken from Fleetwood Mac and Mr. Wonderful, Pious Bird of Good Omen serves as a worthy 12-track compilation of the band’s early Peter Green days… Pious Bird of Good Omen makes for a terrific laid-back stroll through some of the best British blues music ever made.