Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

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Let’s Stay Together


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

It’s rare that we have copies of this brilliant record up on our site, and it’s not for a lack of effort on our end.

It’s tough enough to find any copies of Green’s early LPs out in the bins, let alone clean copies with great sound. I wish we were able to find more copies of this album, because when you stumble on a good one it’s an absolute thrill. The best pressings give you a big, spacious soundfield and put Green’s vocals right up front. If you’ve got a pressing of your own around, throw it on for comparison’s sake — odds are pretty good that the sound will be dry and grainy, particularly on the strings.

We found the sound on most pressings to be either too harsh to enjoy or overly smooth. Hot Stamper copies give you richer, smoother sound without smearing away all the texture and detail.


Side One

Let’s Stay Together 
La-La for You 
So You’re Leaving 
What Is This Feeling 
Old Time Lovin’

Side Two

I’ve Never Found a Girl 
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
It Ain’t No Fun to Me

AMG  Review

Prior to this album, Al Green never had a number one song. The title track, “Let’s Stay Together,” achieved that status and held it for nine consecutive weeks. Green’s ingenuity produced one of the all-time classics, which has the bounce of a dance cut and the passion of a ballad. The dynamic soul singer’s whispers, animated cries, and riffing enhance his already stirring delivery… The Arkansas native and his creative partner Willie Mitchell season these selections with lucid rhythm arrangements complemented by the faint strums of a guitar and brawn, unchiding horns.