Billy Joel – Streetlife Serenade

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Streetlife Serenade


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

Two big and solid Triple Plus sides, the best we’ve heard in years. Los Angelenos and The Entertainer both sound wonderful on this copy. Most copies won’t come close in terms of energy, transparency, punch or presence.  

The best copy to hit the site in many years! The sound here is clean and clear with a punchy bottom end. There’s lots of energy here and the piano sounds correct. This copy will show you what this music can sound like when mastered and pressed correctly.


Side One

Streetlife Serenader
Los Angelenos
The Great Suburban Showdown 
Root Beer Rag

Side Two

The Entertainer
Last of the Big Time Spenders 
Weekend Song
The Mexican Connection

AMG Review

The record’s single and best song, “The Entertainer,” shares a title with the Scott Joplin rag that provided The Sting with a main theme. Joel is attempting a grand Americana lyrical vision, stretching from the Wild West through the Depression…