Mary Hopkin – Post Card

Mary Hopkin – Post Card


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This British original pressing has a White Hot side two and a nearly White Hot side one. Side two is unbelievably huge and open in a way that no other side of any copy could touch. It’s taken us close to ten years to find enough clean copies with which to do this shootout. Engineered by Ken Scott, Donovan’s “Lord of the Reedy River” is simply amazing on this copy.   

The domestic pressings can sound very good but they can’t sound like this Brit original!

This is clearly the master tape; all veils have been lifted, and the ambience and transparency of the soundstage are sublime on both sides.

No copy did as well on either side. This is it folks!


Side One

Lord Of The Ready River 
Happiness Runs (Pebble And The Man) 
Love Is The Sweetest Thing 
Y Blodyn Gwyn 
The Honeymoon Song 
The Puppy Song 
Inch Worm

Side Two

Voyage Of The Moon 
Lullaby Of The Leaves 
Young Love 
Someone To Watch Over Me 
Prince En Avignon 
The Game 
Show Business

AMG  Review

Paul McCartney produced this debut album of twee but pretty, romantic pop-folk. Besides “Those Were the Days”, the highlights are Donovan’s “Lord of the Reedy River” and “The Honeymoon Song,” which McCartney himself had sung with the Beatles way back in 1963 on the BBC. If there’s a fault to be found, it’s that there’s too high a percentage of pre-rock/pop standards à la “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” As it turns out this was more due to the leanings of McCartney than Hopkin, who preferred the more simply arranged folk numbers such as the Donovan covers and the Welsh “Y Blodyn Gwyn.” Also on board is a rather nice composition, “The Game,” by Beatles producer George Martin, who contributed some piano and orchestra conducting to the album.