Albeniz / Suite Espanola / De Burgos – Our Shootout Winner from 2006

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A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame

This London LP from 1968 has some of the MOST DYNAMIC SOUND I have ever heard on a classical recording. The sound here is BIGGER and BOLDER than any pressing of this record I’ve ever played. The dynamics are absolutely startling in their power here. To be fair the other copy we have on the site has a more extended top end, which is a shortcoming that this copy has — it’s a bit rolled off in the extreme highs. But that other copy lacks weight, so that the orchestral climaxes are thin and feel strained.

I much prefer the sound of this copy to any I’ve ever heard. If you can add a dB or two around 10K you will have a Demo Disc par excellance. You may prefer the sound on side two to that of side one, but side one is the one that did it for me.

This is the commentary from the last copy we had on the site:

This is a wonderful sounding record, famous in the ’70s as an audiophile recording with absolutely superb sonics! It’s DYNAMIC! Has tons of DEPTH! The strings may not be quite as sweet as the best earlier Londons, but the trade off is a record with PLENTY OF LIFE and ZERO DISTORTION. The 180 gram reissue was a joke next to this copy, which actually has quiet vinyl to boot!