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It seems as though Bill Porter just doesn’t know how not to make an amazing sounding Living Stereo recording. Everything the guy touches is GOLD! Need a refresher course in tubey magic after playing too many modern recordings or remasterings? These records are overflowing with it. Rich, smooth, sweet, full of ambience, dead-on correct tonality — it’s all here.

I suppose we owe a debt of gratitude to Harry Pearson for pointing out to us with his TAS List what a great record this is, although I’m pretty sure anybody playing this album would have no trouble telling after a minute or two that this recording is very special indeed.

Side One

Wonderfully balanced with just the right amount of clarity and Tubey Magical richness.

Side Two

Bigger and more transparent, but with the same superb balance and Tubey Magic to die for.


What do we love about these Living Stereo Hot Stamper pressings? The timbre of every instrument is Hi-Fi in the best sense of the word. The instruments here are reproduced with remarkable fidelity. Now that’s what we at Better Records mean by “Hi-Fi”, not the kind of Audiophile Phony BS Sound that passes for Hi-Fidelity these days.

There’s no boosted top, there’s no bloated bottom, there’s no sucked-out midrange. There’s no added digital reverb (Patricia Barber, Diana Krall, et al.). The microphones are not fifty feet away from the musicians (Water Lily) nor are they inches away (Three Blind Mice).

This is Hi-Fidelity for those who recognize The Real Thing when they hear it. I’m pretty sure our customers do, and whoever picks this one up is guaranteed to get a real kick out of it.

Vintage Recordings – What to Listen For

Top end extension is critical to the sound of the best copies. Lots of old records (and new ones) have no real top end; consequently the studio or stage will be missing much of its natural air and space, and instruments (especially the guitar and percussion) will lack the full complement of harmonic information of which they are capable.

Tube smear is common to most pressings from the late ’50s and early ’60s. The copies that tend to do the best in a shootout will have the least (or none), yet are full-bodied, tubey and rich.


Side One

Begin the Beguine
The Streets of Laredo

Side Two

Peanut Vendor
El Relicario
Maria Elena
Tzena Tzena Tzena
Poinciana (Song of the Tree)

AMG Review

User reviews give it 4 1/2 Stars!

The Other Chet Atkins is something of an unusual entry in Atkins’ catalog — an entire album of the guitarist playing Spanish guitar, with no electric instruments or country music to be heard. It’s a gentle, lilting album, featuring understated versions of “The Streets of Laredo,” “Maria Elena,” “Marcheta,” and “Begin the Beguine.”