Nat King Cole – Nat King Cole Sings/ George Shearing Plays

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More Nat King Cole Sings/ George Shearing Plays


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Excellent sound on both sides! We picked up a bunch of pressings of this great collaboration album featuring the vocals of Nat King Cole and the piano work of George Shearing. The better pressings like this one are wonderful sonically, putting Cole’s voice right up front with lots of breath and texture. It’s very tough to find great sound for Nat King Cole, so here’s a rare chance to hear what he can sound like on a strong pressing.

We played a bunch of these and most of them were pretty mediocre. The mono copies were uniformly awful — small, congested and gritty. The Hot Stamper copies give you fuller vocals, more transparency, more weight to the piano and lots of tubey warmth.

Both sides here rated A++. The vocals are breathy and full-bodied, the piano has real weight, the soundfield is open and transparent, and the overall sound is smooth and sweet. If you want a great sounding male vocal LP in your collection, this one will certainly do the trick!


Side One

September Song 
Pick Yourself Up 
I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good) 
Let There Be Love 
Lost April

Side Two

A Beautiful Friendship 
Fly Me to the Moon 
I’m Lost 
There’s a Lull in My Life 
Don’t Go

AMG Review

Although it would have been interesting to hear Nat Cole play some piano and perhaps accompany a vocal by George Shearing instead of exclusively the other way around, this session was a big success. Cole is in prime form on such songs as “September Song,” “Pick Yourself Up,” and “Serenata.” Shearing’s accompaniment is tasteful and lightly swinging, and the string arrangements help to accentuate the romantic moods.