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The first Hot Stamper copy of the Allman’s incredible debut to EVER hit the site! This album has some of the ABB’s very best music and on a copy like this, sonics, but MAN is it tough to find a good one. We’ve been picking these up for years and the fact that it took us until 2016 to get any copy at all on the site should tell you something.

Here’s a perfect example of an album that’s so mediocre on the typical pressing that we had practically given up all hope of hearing a pressing that blew us away. But we’re not ones to run away from a challenge, so we kept on picking up copies, figuring out a few things in the process. Eventually we made real progress and today we can proudly post a copy that’s beyond worthy of Hot Stamper status.


Side One

Don’t Want You No More
It’s Not My Cross to Bear
Black Hearted Woman
Trouble No More

Side Two

Every Hungry Woman
Whipping Post

AMG 4 1/2 Rave Review

This might be the best debut album ever delivered by an American blues band, a bold, powerful, hard-edged, soulful essay in electric blues with a native Southern ambience. Some lingering elements of the psychedelic era then drawing to a close can be found in “Dreams,” along with the template for the group’s on-stage workouts with “Whipping Post,” and a solid cover of Muddy Waters’ “Trouble No More.” There isn’t a bad song here, and only the fact that the group did even better the next time out keeps this from getting the highest possible rating.