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A+++ MASTER TAPE SOUND ON BOTH SIDES! This smokin’ hot British pressing just couldn’t be beat in our huge (and very enjoyable) shootout. The sound on this bad boy positively JUMPS out of the speakers and fills the room! Both sides are incredibly big and bold with superb clarity, amazing transparency, considerable dynamics and loads of energy. The sound is ridiculously full-bodied with texture and weight to all the various elements. If you’re a fan of this album, widely regarded as Gabriel’s masterpiece, your mind is going to be BLOWN. 

I’m a huge Peter Gabriel fan, having grown up with every one of the first five studio albums practically as they were released.

So, the fifth album, is the one everyone knows, with its uncharacteristic commercial appeal. After that I never heard anything on any PG album that moved me much so I gave up on those later albums.

But this is never a problem for us record lovers, because we have plenty of Peter Gabriel music to listen to from his first five albums. I’ve played the second and fourth albums alone hundreds of times; I had them on cassette (and later CD) in the car, and they went round and round that way an awful lot of times. (I practically never tire of hearing good albums over and over again. The more I listen the more I find in them new details and qualities in the recording, even after more than twenty years!)

The third PG album thankfully does not suffer from the digital spit, grit and hash of So and Security. (Interestingly, if you know his early work well, none of the first five albums has much in common with the others. Like Steely Dan’s body of work, each of the albums has its own production qualities, its own sound, and music that ties tightly into both.)

As Good As It Gets (AGAIG)

Both sides of this copy boast SUPERB MASTER TAPE SOUND. The bass is amazing — deep and tight with a wonderfully meaty texture. There’s lots of extension up top and loads of texture to the synths. The clarity and presence are STAGGERING. The overall sound is rich, warm, and full-bodied with incredibly punchy drums. The vocals are PERFECTION and the piano sounds amazing as well. We just couldn’t believe how wonderful this copy sounded — we rated it A+++ on both sides for the tonally correct, super low distortion Master Tape Sound.

BTW: Play this one loud, it’s Peter’s last recording before he went digital, and we all know it was downhill from there.


Side Two

And Through The Wire
Games Without Frontiers
Not One Of Us
Lead A Normal Life

AMG 5 Star Rave Review!

Generally regarded as Peter Gabriel’s finest record, his third eponymous album finds him coming into his own, crafting an album that’s artier, stronger, more song oriented than before. Consider its ominous opener, the controlled menace of “Intruder.” He’s never found such a scary sound, yet it’s a sexy scare, one that is undeniably alluring, and he keeps this going throughout the record… He wound up having albums that sold more, or generated bigger hits, but this third Peter Gabriel album remains his masterpiece.