Jules and the Polar Bears – Got No Breeding – A Long Forgotten Classic

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We dropped the needle on this one and heard EXCELLENT SOUND, which is not always what you hear when you play the average copy of this album.

And the music is GREAT. I’m a giant fan of this band, which never got the public acclaim they deserved although they were critic’s darlings from day one. If you like adventurous pop, this should be right up your alley. If you’re the kind of person that was into the Talking Heads in the ’70s, this band is every bit as original and compelling. 


You Just Don’t Wanna Know 
Black Fever Sleep 
Lovers by Rote 
Shadows Break 
Got No Breeding 
Soul of Many Places 
Love It Again 
Home Somewhere 
Following Every Finger 
Driftwood from Disaster