Letter of the Week – Letting the White Hots Shine

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:  

Hey Tom,  

You know I am a Better Records believer having purchased hot stampers
over the past decade and having over 90% of my collection hot stampers.
I only play vinyl and recently got some upgrades to the system. I’ll
save you all the audiophile jargon and simply state my system sounds
better. What I have noticed, as good as the albums have been, I’m
hearing an even greater delineation in the grading. The 2+ and 2.5+ are
good, but the 3+ sides really light up the room and at times have me
shaking my head in disbelief at the musical presentation. Holy smokes!
Thanks, Tom


Dear Mike,

Glad to know you made improvements to your stereo and things are cookin’ now, so much so that the White Hots truly shine the way they should. They sure shine over here! It took us a long time to get here too, forty plus years of messing around with equipment and rooms and cleaning techniques.

Turns out there is always more music to find in these old records – a lot more it seems — if you can just figure out how to do it.

Best, Tom