Ted Heath – Pros and Cons We Heard on This Copy

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Side One

Big and spacious, yet clear, dynamic and energetic. The brass is never “blary” the way it can be on so many Big Band or Dance Band records from the ’50s and ’60s. (Basie’s Roulette records tend to have a bad case of blary brass as a rule.)

Sharp transients and mostly correct tonality and timbres, powerful brass — practically everything you want in a Hot Stamper is here!

The stage is exceptionally wide on this copy.

Listen to the top end on track two — man, that is some natural sound!

This side could use a bit more weight so we feel a grade of Super Hot gets it right.

Side Two

Like side one it’s big, dynamic, open and clear. It has a touch of smear and could use more extreme bottom and top, so we dropped it one half plus to not quite Super Hot.